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Providing a #1 Service

Maxygen is here to serve as a trusted research partner, bringing added value to your programs.

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Custom Strategies
We collaborate with you to determine the best project strategy and library design to achieve success. Involved in all aspects from diversity selection to assay development as required.
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High Quality Variants
Molecular breeding allows for recombination of extensive diversity stemming from phylogeneticv homologs resulting in higher quality, highly functional protein variant libraries.
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Retained Ownership
Services are offered on a fee-for-service basis. We perform the research as contracted in a statement of work, you retain full rights and ownership to the final variants identified.


Maxygen is a contract research organization specializing in directed evolution services for protein engineering. We provide custom and collaborative R&D outsourcing to create and identify variants of your protein that function optimally in process relevant conditions or exhibit a desired trait. Projects are on a fee-for-service basis, tailored to include goals, milestones, deliverables, and costs ideal for each clients’ specific needs.


The name "Maxygen" may ring a bell.
The original Maxygen Inc. was founded in 1997 to utilize molecular breeding technology developed by Dr. Willem "Pim" Stemmer for internal protein product-development programs. Throughout its 16 year history, startups across various sectors (agriculture, industrial enzymes, pharmaceuticals, vaccines) spun-off or received exclusive rights to the molecular breeding technology in their field of expertise. By 2009, Maxygen began to wind down operations with final application for dissolution ceasing all activities in 2013.
In March 2017, past Maxygen scientists, investors, leaders in the contract biomanufacturing industry, and specialists in the application of molecular breeding technology came together to re-establish Maxygen with new vision to offer the technology on a fee-for-service basis to clients across all sectors of the biotech industry.
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