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Your library is cloned in the vector of your choice, ready for expression. Vector characterization available to optimize cloning and transformation efficiency

Gene Synthesis

Ideal for:

  • Transfection Ready Linear Antibodies

  • Mutational Libraries

  • Rational Variants

  • Linker Libraries

Simplified CMV Promoters

Low complexity and smaller size CMV promoters are ideal for exploring expression optimization or campaigns to reduce overall size of your vector.

Synthetic Vectors

Establish the absolute origin of your expression vector. Our well-documented fully synthetic construction is completely independent of commercial vector sources.

Linear Expression Elements

These constructs include a promoter, open reading frame, and termination signal. No vector, origin of replication, or antibiotic-resistance cassette is required for protein expression in mammalian cells. Antibody expression is a leading application.

Mutational Libraries

Scanning, Site Saturation, Binary

Scanning – Pooled by position or full population

Alanine Scanning:

NNK or any IUPAC code Scanning:

Binary – Assign any 2 codons at any position

Site Saturation – Assign any IUPAC codes to replace the wt nucleotide.

IUPAC Codes for Synthesis

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